Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hills Hills Hills!

Ran from home to a mile down the Old Glenn Highway, across the Matanuska Bridge, and back.  10 miles.  My Nike+ GPS is right on too.  When I passed that 2 mile sign it told me I had gone 2 miles.  Amazing technology!  That route is up and down up and down and more up and down.  Pretty much hills the whole way.  I can see that I need a lot more hill training.  I was dragging badly by the time I got home again.  But at least I know where to find a good hill run - right from my front door in either direction.  With the Hatcher Pass Marathon in my near future, better be hitting those hills with everything I've got.  I need to run off the few extra pounds I seem to have picked up too.  It's a lot easier to run without packing 10 extra pounds along with me!  Too much Easter candy I'm afraid. 

I felt like I had cancer today when I was running - out of shape!  Gotta get into better shape than that.  But most of all, gotta kick cancer. 

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