Monday, December 28, 2015

5 Miles

I finally woke up early enough to drag myself down to the treadmill.  I am definitely suffering from a combination of laziness and 24 hours of darkness boredom! But I made it down there and even ran the whole distance I had planned, which was only 5 miles.  The first 4 miles felt awful but the last mile was great!  So I guess from now on I should try to make it to 4 miles at least, then maybe I will get the second wind that I need to actually have some speed.

I signed up for the Los Angeles Marathon in February and am in the process of registering for the Havana, Cuba Marathon in November.  It's 15 below zero here so I am really looking forward to those two that promise to be warmer and of course the one in Maui next month.

I was having some foot pain that felt like plantar fasciitis, and that has cleared up due to my inactivity for the last week.  So maybe it was just as well that I was lazy over the Christmas holiday.

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