Sunday, September 6, 2015

5 Muddy Miles & Bear Detour

It was quite cool today, about 35 but no wind at all.  The fog was gone so I took to the outdoors.  They had graded the parking area so I had to trudge through standing water and lots of mud to eventually get to the road.  It was tough going even on the road around the lake because the shoulder was also very muddy. It was challenging at times, getting over to the extreme edge of the road in the mud when big trucks and heavy equipment came by. 

I was about 2 miles into my run when a truck stopped and a man told me that there was a grizzly bear on the road along the north side of the lake, where I was headed.  So when I got to the junction of the road around the lake and the road heading to the east gate, I went to the right past Peak Services, then turned back and retraced my steps along the east side of the lake and back to the hotel.  It was a slow and muddy run but at least I didn't have to meet face to face with the bear!

Colleen Lake

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