Sunday, February 15, 2015

White Continent Punta Arrenas Marathon

Everyone thinks I am insane, but I couldn't resist running the Punta Arenas Marathon again.  The triple 7 folks didn't fly out to Antarctica because of weather so the staff stayed here and put on the White Continent Marathon. It's only been about one day since I ran the other race but I really didn't have anything else to do so gave it a try.  It was the exact same course but today we had extreme winds to help or hinder us on our way.  That made it really tough.  At least this time there were a few people behind me, but I was actually a bit slower than the previous day.  Not breaking any speed records in this part of the world, that's for sure.  But I felt fine the whole time. This  was a first for me, running marathons that close together.  I felt better after this one than after the first one.

Even though the course is the same, the medal is different and the race name is different. So now I have run two in South America and today was race number 42 for me.  If the weather finally improves and we get to Antarctica that will be number 43.  The plan for tomorrow is to go to Torres Del Paine for the day with hopes of Antarctica on Wednesday.  Can't wait for both of those events.
Bad Hair Day - After the race!

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