Sunday, February 1, 2015

Anchorage Hillside

I did a 2 mile trip along the Homestead Trail to Campbell Tract with my friend Diane, and her crazy dog, Sombra.  Later we skied with her friend Lizzie and with Sombra once again along those same trails for another 3 miles.  It was a very nice day for hiking skiing and running.

Sombra, Lizzie & Me
Diane had Sombra on her skijoring bungee when a loose dog got into a big fight with Sombra.  Since the other dog was loose, it was impossible to separate them.  The other dog's owner came back and started beating on poor Sombra with his ski pole.  Thank goodness he didn't hurt Sombra.  But then he proceded to cuss out Diane unmercifully saying Sombra was a vicious dog. The dumb guy didn't even see what happened, because it happened behind him.   A man behind us saw the whole incident and loudly advised the guy with the loose dog, that he was clearly in the wrong.  It didn't stop his tirade against Diane though.  He then took his dog back to his car, then came back to cuss out Diane some more.  He kept telling her that he lives next door to her and accusing Sombra of attacking his dog a dozen times.  Diane has never seen him before in her entire life!  Sombra is a whole lot smarter than that stupid guy!!! 

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