Friday, February 13, 2015

Southern Cross Marathon

I decided that since the weather had been so beautiful today, instead of waiting until our White Continent Marathon group was scheduled to run the marathon here in Punta Arenas, I would jump in and run the one they were putting on for the Triple 7 Quest group.  At least that way, if the weather turns horrible, I can be sure to run a marathon in South America.
I was totally slow of course, probably a combination of my general slowness and extensive jet lag from flying in from Alaska last night. We didn't start running until 6 pm and I stumbled across the finish line shortly before 1 am.  But I made it. It did get quite cool when the sun went down but at least it wasn't horribly windy. I finished with Deb and Ila and there was only one person behind us.  Not setting any speed records this trip.

I am just now editing this post.  Yikes, I must have been tired!  So many typos!
Marathon Globetrotters before the race

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