Saturday, August 4, 2012

Yuon River Millennium Trail Loop

It is the most gorgeous day ever!  Lovely sunshine and perfect temperatures.  I just ran 4.3 miles, from my hotel to the Yukon River Trail, then the whole Millennium Trail Loop and back to my hotel.  I felt like I could have just kept on running indefinately, but I will save that for tomorrow when I run the Yukon River Trail Marathon.  I'm not sure we will have this fine weather, but it would probably be too hot if we did.  A little rain might be a treat.  It is so beautiful here.  I think I will go do some more sightseeing.

These marathons are fun but the main focus of all of them is to raise money to cure cancer.  Even though this one and the next two the next two weekends are not officially for Team In Training, they are all warmup runs for my next event.  Please consider donating to this important cause.

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