Sunday, August 5, 2012

Yukon River Trail Marathon

I made it and finished the marathon. My iPhone GPS said right at 6 hours.  My Nike Plus App posted it on Facebook but it says 6 hours and 27 minutes because I was so tired I forgot to turn it off after I crossed the finish line.  I was too busy eating the free pizza they had for us.
That was a very difficult run.  Very steep hills, mostly all narrow trails.  It was absolutely gorgeous though.  It must be one of the most beautiful marathons in the world!  But those trails had lots of tree roots, and loose rocks.  I managed to trip and fall 4 times and crossed the finish line covered with blood, feeling kind of silly.  I fell on my left hand so many times that I can't even use it to type right now.  I can tell nothing is broken, but it is all swollen and purple, with big cuts on it. 
I drove to Watson Lake after the race and will continue towards Yellowknife tomorrow.

They gave us a nice homemade ceramic medallion.

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