Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Up North Again

Things got pretty hectic the last few weeks and my workouts suffered.  I did get to the Alaska Club about 5 times but that's about it.  But now I am back in Deadhorse for 6 weeks this time.  So to maintain my sanity I have to run!  I started with a short 3 mile run on the treadmill.  Then did my first exercise workout with my new Nike Training Club iPhone app.  That's pretty amazing.  I am able to do that workout right in my hotel room using the small hand weights that someone left there. It is definitely too cold to do much outdoors right now so I am pretty much confined to the treadmill for running.  It was 30 below zero today.  It didn't seem to be a whole lot warmer in the exercise room either.  I had to wear my fleece sweater through almost the entire run.  At least I wasn't dripping all over the floor like I usually am after my run.

I drove around town a little to enjoy the bright sunshine.  Not much to take photos of but I did take a couple. Mostly just frost covered trucks and buildings.  Kind of interesting though.

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