Thursday, December 2, 2010

Running Again

The last two months have been extremely busy because I have been busy moving my mother and her entire household from California to Alaska.  I was too busy and too tired to get any time for running.  But now I am back up in Prudhoe Bay working for the month of December.  So, now that I am in a place where the temperatures are well below zero and the sun never comes up, I have time to run again!  Of course, now I am only running on the treadmill inside the Prudhoe Bay Hotel, but at least I have time to run.  Funny how I have more time for things I love to do, when I am working, but no time when I am not working.  Something seems wrong with that picture. 

I have done a little cross country skiing in the last couple of weeks, and ran 3 miles yesterday and 4 miles today on the treadmill.  I am training for my next marathon but have not decided when or where that will be.  I feel so out of shape right now and hope that I can get back to my old self during my month of December working up here in the far north.

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