Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Blowing Snow

Not a day for running outdoors, that's for sure.  The wind is blowing about 40 miles an hour and it is snowing hard.  I did do a short 3 miles on the treadmill though.  I ended up sleeping too late again because of phone calls waking me up. I finally decided that even if my house is on fire, there is absolutely nothing I can do about it from up here in Prudhoe Bay. So, why answer phone calls in the middle of my sleep time?  Once I wake up, I can never get back to sleep and it throws off my whole schedule for a couple of days.  So, I found the OFF button on my iPhone and changed my voice mail message to say that if you are calling between 7 am and 3 pm Alaska time, leave a message because I work nights and am asleep.  I found a couple of voice mail messages when I woke up too, so it was a GREAT idea.  None of it was important enough to destroy any more of my sleep.

On the way to work tonight the snow had been drifting so badly that I got the company care hopelessly stuck in a gigantic drift.  It took me 20 minutes of inching forward and back, but I finally got out and made it to work on time.  This is what the car looked like this morning when I got off work.  Lots of snow for deadhorse.

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