Tuesday, September 6, 2016


I woke up to snow falling outside my window.  So I decided today would be a run on the treadmill because no way was I going out there in that muddy windy and snowy mess.  So I washed all the dirt off my running shoe so they wouldn't get the treadmill dirty. But the thought of running on the treadmill just didn't excite me at all.  I procrastinated and procrastinated until almost 5 pm.  Then I noticed it has stopped snowing.  But it was only 33 degrees and windy.  I started to change into my running clothes then decided that a little snow isn't enough to keep me inside.  So I did my usual 5 miles around Colleen Lake.  It started snowing as soon as I stepped outside and continued for the first mile.  But then the storm passed on by and it was just kind of chilly and windy.  It was actually quite nice! There wasn't even much traffic.

The Lonely Road around Colleen Lake

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