Sunday, September 25, 2016

Mud Mud Mud!

You couldn't ask for a more beautiful day. Bright sunshine, no wind, a cool 35 degrees. But when I attempted to do my usual 5 mile run around the lake, I thought I might be swallowed up by the mud on the road.  We've had snow and rain for a few days and it looks like the grader has gone through and turned that dirt road to mush.  So once I reached the Dalton Highway at about 3/4 mile I turned down there because it is a much higher quality road.  It was really nice and dry.  After going around the end of the airport I found an access road that runs along the river bank, and ran there for about a mile.  My shoes are a muddy mess, especially since I still had to run back along that first muddy part.  But even a muddy run is better than no run at all!

It felt great!

Alaska Scenic Byway!

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