Sunday, May 3, 2015

Flying Pig Marathon

Here I am again running a marathon.  Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon with Team In Training.  I have been a bit worried because it has been quite warm here.  But even though it did get nearly 80 there was a fairly consistent cooling breeze most of the time.  It got very hot between mile 20 and 23 but then the breeze was back and I survived.  I was much faster than in Bunbury, but still much slower than I want to be.  I know I need to shed some pounds and increase my training.  I have been very lazy for the last few months.  I finished in 6 hours and 20 minutes.  I certainly need to keep my time under 6 hours, regardless of the outside temperature.  The course was nice, with quite a few hills but they were all small.  Nothing seriously difficult.

The folks from the Team In Training Flex Team were just awesome.  I enjoyed their company so much.  It was a grand time in every way.

And here I am posing next to the Flying Pig with my heavy medal!

Fling Pig Marathon Finish

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