Friday, May 29, 2015

6 Miles

I made up for yesterday a little by running 6 miles.  I had only planned on 5 miles but 6 miles gave me a full 100 miles for the month of May.  I just love those round numbers!
It was another gorgeous day.  I really love the early morning coolness and the sunshine.  I also like having the chance to run the steep hills here.  Once I get back up to Deadhorse there won't be a hill for 50 miles.  Plus the road is still closed 10 miles to the south so for sure I won't be driving 50 or 60 miles south to seek out any hills.  I'll be lucky to be able to simply avoid the treadmill, and get to run outdoors.

I had a great view of Pioneer Peak from the top of the hill above Wolverine Farm.
Pioneer Peak

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