Friday, February 26, 2010

Snowing Hard, Back on the Treadmill

Winter has returned, with about 6 inches of new snow last night and still coming down hard.  Since I ran 13 miles yesterday, today was a short run.  I did 4 miles on my home treadmill.  It sure feels a lot different from running on the road or even the indoor track.  But judging by my heart rate and the sweat pouring down my face, it was a good workout.  I will probably go cross country skiing somewhere today and take advantage of all that nice new snow.

I am getting very anxious to set up my new Team In Training website.  I will be running the Anchorage Big Wild Life, Humpies Marathon in August with them.  Since I have run so many marathons lately, it seems like not much of a challenge anymore, so I will also be riding my bicycle home from Deadhorse to my house in July.  830 miles from the Deadhorse Airport to my front door in Palmer.  That will be my primary endurance event for this next Team In Training race.  I will have the site up soon.

Me and my bike will be starting from here:

Go Team!

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