Thursday, February 18, 2010

Best Run Yet!

I had the greatest 16 mile run today.  I ran from my house to downtown Palmer to the Post Office, to check my mail and back, with a 40 knot wind and 40 degrees.  Standing water everywhere, but just the perfect temperature for a nice long run.  I felt better than I have ever felt during and after a long run. 

I was pretty annoyed at my iPod though.  The silly thing quit at about 12 miles, so it never got recorded to Nike+.  The battery runs down after only a couple of hours so I finally gave up and replaced it today with a brand new 5th generation purple iPod Nano.  I guess I solved that problem!

I will be running again with Team In Training in August doing the Anchorage Big Wild Life Humpies full marathon.  I plan to lump my 800 mile bike ride from Deadhorse to Palmer in July into that run so I can fundraise for it.  I should have my new Team In Training website up in a couple of weeks.

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