Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Fun Runs

We had two North Slope Borough/ICE Fun Runs today.
Our Fun Runs are twice each day at 6 am and again at 6 pm.  They are a little less than a standard 5K. When we complete the race we get a T-shirt.  Since it's a rather short distance I usually try to run each race twice and get two shirts. Depending on whether the race is inside or outside of the security gates, I will run the race at both time.  Outside of the gate I am able to drive myself. But inside I need a visitor's pass and have to catch a ride with someone else.  Today's runs were outside the gate over by the North Slope Borough Building. So I was able to run them both, twice and bring home one shirt for myself and three for my friends.

It ws great running weather. 52 or the morning run and up to 65 for the evening one. Although the evening run came with a very strong wind. But at least it was a warm wind. I tracked both runs with my Nike+ app. With a total of 10.92 miles.

Morning Run
Evening Run

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