Monday, June 19, 2017

Colleen Lake

Finally, a decent enough day up here in Deadhorse to actually run around the lake.  It was cold, about 45 and with a 20 knot wind.  But even with the trucks kicking dust in my face the whole way, it felt great to get outdoors.  I really start to feel like a caged animal after a few weeks up here unable to go outdoors.  I was pretty slow but I also stopped a few times to take some pictures. I saw lots of birds, sand hill cranes, Canada geese, tundra swans, and a few Arctic terns struggling to fly into the wind. Fortunately I didn't have any bear encounters. there have been several bear attacks further south this week, and two were fatal.  So I do keep my eyes open while I'm out there running, since there have been recent grizzly sightings around here.  But since it's pretty wide open around here, it's not likely to catch one by surprise.It's pretty easy to divert and keep your distance if you do see one.

Lots of delightful waterfowl though.

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