Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Slow & Steady

Another fairly slow 5 miles on the treadmill.  I'm seriously having trouble being motivated.  Still lots of arm and hand pain. Plus treadmill blues.  I't 20 below zero outside and of course along with the wind, certainly not conducive to running outdoors.

I registered my recommitment with Team In Training for the Prague Marathon event. It's not that far off so I decided to look into arranging my flights.  Prague is not on the list of destinations with Alaska Airlines partners.  But I was able to book a free flight on British Airways as far as London.  From there I continue on with British to Prague.  I get there at 11pm but a day early for the Team In Training hotel reservation. So I booked a hotel for that night right at the airport.

But the return flight was the real challenge. I want to run the Mont Saint Michel Marathon on May 28th.  That's very close to when I have to fly to work on May 31st. It's also not close to a major airport. I don't have time to catch trains to Paris and fly out of there.  But London is much closer. I ended up booking a short flight with Ryan Air out of the Dinard Airport the afternoon of the 29th. It doesn't go to Heathrow but to Stansted which is an hour and a half by Tube from Heathrow. I found an evening flight from Heathrow via Frankfurt but it has a 17 hour layover. I booked another cheap hotel at the Frankfurt Airport because I don't fly out of there until 4 pm on the 30th.  But I get to Anchorage at 3:45 on the 30th.  I actually get to Anchorage before I leave Frankfurt, which seems impossible but I think it's correct. I do have to cross a lot of time zones!

Now I have to decide what I want to do for the three weeks that I'll be bumming around in Europe! I'm sure I'll find something exciting. At least more exciting than running the treadmill here while it's 20 below zero outside.

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