Wednesday, March 8, 2017

5 Miles on the Treadmill Again

I've been fighting the pain in my arm but finally kicked myself out of the room and downstairs to the treadmill. I'm dying to go for a real run but it's not that possible around here. So I have to take what I can get.

So I plug in my headphones and listen to my music, while watching the news on the TV. I actually felt a little better today. By mile 4 though, my hand started cramping.  I need to keep training because I'm flying to Washington for the Wenatchee Marathon on April 15th.  They have an early start and I plan to take advantage of it in case I find that my arm really slows me down.  But I couldn't resist grabbing that run because I still don't have Washington on my quest for running all 50 states. I plan to rent a car and drive to Los Angeles and purchase the Eurovan I've been wanting for quite a few years. I love the drive down through Washington, Oregon and California. I love to make my usual stop in Mt Shasta on the way.

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