Saturday, October 29, 2016

Polar Circle Marathon

What an amazing trip! First a brief one day visit in Copenhagen, then a flight to Kangerlussuaq, Greenland. We did some sightseeing and some hiking and a trip to the ice cap to see the marathon course.
It was a very tough course, in 10 degree temperatures with strong winds. the first 6 miles were on the Greenland Ice Cap glacier. I wore ice grippers the whole way. I had not expected such a hilly course. It was quite difficult, all on snow and ice covered covered road. I felt fairly good, but was definitely a bit slower than usual.  I did finish, but sadly, they were strict with their 7 hour time limit. So even though I got my medal, they didn't post an official time because I was 15 minutes over.. So technically I probably can't count it as an official country with Marathon Globetrotters. I am disappointed in myself because of that. I loved Greenland so much, that if I feel I have improved enough, I'll give it another try next year,


Me at the start

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