Sunday, January 31, 2016

Z Adventures Cruise

Just started on the Z Adventures Southern Caribbean Marathon Cruise.  Today was our first marathon of the 6 in 7 days on the islands of the Caribbean.  Such a challenge, especially considering the hot and humid weather.  Today we started in Puerto Rico and ran right from out hotel.  Tonight we will be on the ship and set sail to our next island destination.

Today was the San Juan Harbour Marathon, Puerto Rico. It was tough for me because of the heat, plus I was still very tired from the long flight from Anchorage.  But I finished, almost last.  I felt pretty tired, but it was the short walk back to the hotel that nearly finished me.  I started getting very dizzy and could hardly walk.  Our tour leader Ziyad caught up with me and walked with me, until I suddenly knew I was about to faint.  I decided to lie down on the grass before I fell down!  I kind woman stopped in her car to help and she drove us the rest of the way to the hotel.  I hope this isn't going to be my reaction to all of the races.  A bit of heat exhaustion.

At least there was some wind but I guess it wasn't quite enough to keep me standing! I do wish I could have spent some time in Puerto Rico to really explore an interesting destination.

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