Sunday, July 26, 2015

Eagle Nest Marathon

Today was day two of the Mainly Marathons Mexico State Park Series this weekend.  Of course I was still quite tired from yesterday's race, but after the first mile or so, I loosened up and felt fine. Since this race is higher altitude, 8200 feel I seemed to feel the altitude more. I was quite a bit slower too.  I even ended up being the last person to finish, but even though they gave me the caboose award, technically I was not the slowest runner.  I found out later that several of the slower runners and walkers got to start 3 hours before me.  It was a bit lonely out there my last couple of loops.

We didn't run around the lake on this one.  Instead we ran along the campground road back and forth to Eagle Nest Lake.  Once again the temperature was perfect.  Just cool enough with the right amount of breeze. 

Eagle Nest Lake

The Medals were very cute for these two races.

New Mexico Race Medals

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