Thursday, July 11, 2013

5 Mile Run

Today was a busy day.  First I got in a beautiful 5 mile run to Wolverine Creek and back.  It was the perfect temperature and perfect day.  I liked that I got to run the hills too.  It is such good practice. Everything is so green now and the fireweed is in full bloom. I stopped long enough to snap this picture with my phone.
Wolverine Road View
After that I took my plane up to the glacier.  It was not only a perfect day for a run it was a perfect day for a flight.  I caught this interesting shot from my plane with my phone.
Knik Glacier
Then tonight I went to a friend's house and we all hiked up the trail she has cut up the mountainside. It was very steep and quite the challenge but a great workout.  The view from the top of the trail rivals the view from my airplane. I took this one with my camera.
Knik Glacier View

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