Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hills Hills Hills

I ran the Wolverine Road hills again today. Boy I need to work on hills.  Seemed really tired today.  It was really cold today too, in the 20's.  But once I got enough layers on, I felt warm enough.  It was very cold on the big curve though with a north wind howling.  I could have done without that!

I called REI today and was a little worried when they told me that although they had already confirmed that the Kilimanjaro climb is going to go, several people have dropped out and we are back down to only me and one other person.  She will be my roommate, but we have to pay an extra $300 which is the small group rate. That's ok with me, and hopefully it will also be ok with her.  I don't want to book my airline flight until I know for sure the trip is going to take place.  it is still over 3 months away but I would hope the people who are planning to go would have already decided. REI will call me in a couple of days with more information.

Just a couple more weeks until the San Antonio Marathon.  I do hope it is not still in the 80's on November 11th.  That might feel better than the 20's though.

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