Saturday, March 5, 2011

Missed a Few!

I see that I failed to enter my last two runs.  They were not terribly exciting ones, but I did at least run a couple of short 3 milers on the treadmill on March 2nd and March 3rd.  I only have a few hours free in the afternoon when I wake up, so I find that if anything else gets in the way, sometimes I can't fit in a run.  I really hate it when that happens!  I guess those two days, I didn't even get a chance to stop here and write about my little runs even if they were just shorties. 

It's still way too cold, and there is no place up here in Deadhorse where a person could run without risking getting hit by a truck, or getting blown away by an icy wind.  So, it's off to the treadmill I go, probably until I am back in Palmer.  I do look forward to that day, April Fool's Day when I can run outdoors again.

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