Saturday, March 5, 2011

5 Miles Today

I had a great treadmill run today, 5 miles.  It felt really good.  I followed that with my Nike Training Club iPhone app workout.  Boy is that one tough workout!  It didn't post to Facebook like it was supposed to though.  Seems like it is not quie posting there or on the Nike Women's website yet.  But it is a very new app. Waiting for updates!  I love it though.  I have some weights here in my Prudhoe Bay Hotel room and they work great with it.  I have no idea who they belong to, but I am putting them to good use.  Each time I do this workout my muscles get really sore.  Lots of pain so there must be some gain! Have to work hard indoors to compensate for the icy Arctic conditions outdoors.  It's -16 right now and of course, dark.

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