Friday, August 6, 2010

Back on Track

Well, I think I am now finally back on track with my training.  I am still feeling a bit weak from my illness, and maybe even a little from the long bike ride.  But I did have a nice 6 mile run today.  I will probably be keeping my runs fairly short for the next week because I am running the Big Wild Life Marathon in Anchorage on August 15th, just a bit more than one week away.  I don't expect an outstanding time on that marathon, but I do believe I will have no problem finishing it. 

This one is a very important one for me.  It will be marathon 11 for me, and it is also a Team In Training event.  This run is part of my Prudhoe to Palmer Team In Training event.  There is still time for last minute donations.  I have not even reached the halfway point of my fundraising goal.  So please, make a donation to this very important cause.  I rode my bike the 830 miles and will now run another 26.2 miles to complete this event.  Help make my efforts bring in more to the cause of ending blood cancer.

Please make a donation to my Prudhoe to Palmer Website!


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