Sunday, August 16, 2015

Big Wild Life Marathon

Back in Alaska For the Big Wild Life Marathon in Anchorage.

I felt pretty good during this run in spite of the fact that it rained the entire time.  At least it wasn't too hot.  I was a bit faster than usual.  Although it turned out that the race was about one mile short so they adjust everyone's times based on their average speed through the rest of the race.  There is a big controversy over it because of their mistake.  Some people were depending on it to complete their 50 states and the 50 States Marathon has so far refused to count it as a certified race.  Marathon Maniacs and even Boston are counting it. So people are still asking the 50 States club to reconsider.  In my case I have many Alaska races so it isn't causing a problem for me.  But I feel bad for those who spent a lot of money to come all the way to Alaska who now feel they have to spend a lot of money again if they want to be considered certified finishers.

The medal was really nice.

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