Sunday, January 25, 2015

4 Mile Run

With the new snow and the 3 degree temperature, it wasn't very reasonable to try to run outdoors anywhere.  But I did get down to the Menard Sports Center to run on the indoor track.  I wanted to run 5 miles but a bunch of high school boys showed up when I reached mile 4 and they were so obnoxious, cutting me off, passing me on both sides and being generally annoying, that I decided to quit at 4 miles.  Everyone else who had been using the track this morning did the same thing.  It's just uncomfortable when it is that crowded and when the other users are being so rude. 

I was pretty tired and didn't run very well, so maybe I needed to stop anyway.  I did feel really sluggish after the first mile.  But I'm really glad I went there instead of crawling back into bed!

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