Saturday, November 17, 2012

5 Miles With The Team

I went into Anchorage today and ran with the Alaska Team In Training team.  I got lost looking for the place where we were supposed to meet.  So spent a little time driving up and down the road to Pt Woronzof while talking to my mentor on the cell phone.  I finally found her. We ran about 5 miles over the snow on the Coastal Trail. It was really cold!  Lots of little hills too, so it was challenging and a really good workout.  I like running with the team because it is a lot more fun to be with other people. I think I run faster with them too because most of them are faster than me, so I push myself more to keep up with them.

I'm posting a different photo on my Facebook page each week as an incentive for people to make donations to my fundraising page.  $25 donation or more and I will send an 8x10 print of the photo of the week.  This week I am offering my Snowy Egret photo.  It is one of my favorites. Click on the picture to make a donation to help end cancer.

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