Saturday, April 3, 2010

Biking Now

I was worried that I wouldn't have much time for bike riding during these few days I have between getting home from Deadhorse and leaving April 6th for Ireland.  But, my old Subaru with 290,000 miles helped me out.  The clutch went out, just as I pulled into the auto repair shop.  So, there it sits at Midas in Palmer, probably until May 6th when I am home again.  Naturally, I need to get places, so have been riding my bike back and forth to Palmer.  Yesterday I rode down to Palmer to the church for the Good Friday Stations of the Cross walk.  This morning I had to ride down and back, about 15 miles, to the post office and the store.  The climb up Wolverine Road to my house was a great workout.  It also boosted my confidence because that was the fastest I have ever made it back up that long hill on my bike.  Both days it was a little below freezing too, so it gave me a real taste of some of the conditions I will encounter on my Prudhoe to Palmer bike ride.  I may not get much chance to run in the next few days, because it is Easter weekend and I have lots of church services that I don't want to miss.  Fortunately I have help getting rides so I don't have to ride my bike in high heels and my long Easter dress!!

The warmer weather sure is nice after a month in Deadhorse!

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